At Enjoy Catalonia we offer tours in Barcelona (2 hours long) for secondary, ESO and baccalaureate schools and institutes adapted to the schedule and characteristics of each group. We offer historical, literary and artistic tours in Catalan and Spanish.

We also organize day trips by coach to the main cities and places of interest in the country and we adapt the program to the needs of each group.

We know Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia very well, which allows us to be very flexible and adapt to the needs of each school.

Our most popular school tours in Barcelona are:

The Civil War and “els fets de maig”

A historical tour through the center of the city that allows us to question ourselves about the causes of the war; discover scenarios where important events happened; realize the endless nuances and contradictions that wars imply; learn about the tragic fate of some of the main protagonists, etc. This tour can be completed with a guided visit to an air raid shelter in Poble Sec or Gràcia.

The Barcelona of Quixote and Joan Boscà

A historical and literary journey following in the footsteps of Don Quixote and Juan Boscán in Renaissance Barcelona, from the heart of the Gothic Quarter to the city’s waterfront, which was the scene of Don Quixote’s defeat at the hands of the Knight of the White Moon . Barcelona, glory and decline of Don Quixote, is and has always been a very literary city.

Roman and medieval Barcelona

A panoramic tour of a historical and monumental nature through the historic center of Barcelona that allows us to learn about the history and evolution of the city, from its foundation by the Romans to the end of the Late Middle Ages and the arrival of the Renaissance. This tour may include a guided visit to the Barcelona History Museum.

Modernist Barcelona

An artistic and historical tour of Paseo de Gracia and its famous “block of discord”, named for the high concentration of modernist buildings and the professional rivalry between Domènech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch and Antoni Gaudí. This tour can include a guided visit to Casa Milà (La Pedrera) or Casa Batlló.

The Spanish Village

A panoramic tour of Poble Espanyol that allows us to learn about the fascinating history of its construction; get closer to the different types of popular Spanish architecture; discover the complex history of Spain; and publicize the fabulous cultural and heritage wealth of our country.

Jewish Barcelona

A historical approach to the old Jewish quarter of the city -the Call- to discover and learn to value the rich legacy of the Jewish community of Barcelona. We explained how the Jews organized and developed their daily life and the relationship they had with the Christians. This tour can be completed with a visit to the site that was occupied by the old main synagogue.

Picasso's Barcelona

A historical tour in the footsteps of the artist in the city that allows us to get closer to the Barcelona of the time and discover Picasso’s close relationship with the Catalan capital. The tour can be completed with a guided visit to the Picasso Museum and/or the headquarters of the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts in Sant Jordi.

Barcelona and the sea

A historical and monumental tour of the city’s waterfront, from the Barceloneta beaches to the Fòrum, which allows us to discover the profound transformations that the city has undergone over the centuries. This tour can include a visit to the Maritime Museum of Barcelona and its impressive life-size replica of the Royal Galley.

1714: beyond the myth

The siege of Barcelona in 1713-1714 was one of the largest military operations of the Spanish Succession War. A historical journey through some of the main scenes of the war in Barcelona that will allow us to discover the causes and consequences of the conflict. This tour can be completed with a guided visit to the Born Center for Culture.

The Sagrada Familia and/or Park Güell

A guided tour of two of Gaudí’s most emblematic creations. The guided tour allows us to get closer to the complex personality of the genius from Riudoms/Reus; understand the symbolism of his works; discover the intimate links of him with nature; or understand some aspects of Barcelona society at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th.

Montjuïc, the magical mountain

A 4-hour tour (it can be reduced to 2 hours) that allows us to discover the fascinating history of the mountain and visit some of its innumerable facilities: the castle, the Royal Palace (current MNAC), the parks and gardens, Poble Espanyol , the old Botanical Garden, the Olympic ring, the Mies Van der Rohe pavilion, the old Casaramona factory, etc.

Sant Cugat and its monastery

A panoramic tour of old Sant Cugat (the modernist winery, Calle Mayor, Can Cabanes, the old market…) and a guided tour of its impressive monastery, built between the 9th and 14th centuries, and one of the greatest exponents of art Medieval in Catalonia. You can also include a visit to Cal Gerrer/Fundació Cabanes or the Comic Museum.

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