My name is Toni Bellido Plans, I am an official guide (nº 2811), travel agent and creator of the Enjoy Catalonia agency. Since 2011 I offer and do dozens of guided tours in Barcelona; day trips by private coach around Catalonia; and weekend getaways with small groups in Spain and the south of France. I also offer trips around Europe with small specialized agencies that guarantee a quality service and proximity through my Enjoy World website.

I work with individuals, groups, schools, companies, other agencies and all kinds of associations. In Catalan, Spanish and English. On my website you will see that I offer tours, excursions, getaways and scheduled trips. But I also give the possibility of hiring à la carte services: you choose the destination and I’ll take care of the rest.

My differential value, what makes me original, is that I always try to offer closeness, that is, a cordial and polite treatment, but relaxed and casual. I know Catalonia, Spain and the south of France very well, which allows me to be very flexible and adapt to the circumstances of each tour, excursion and trip.

I always try to choose attractive destinations (due to their cultural, historical, natural, gastronomic value…) and give the trip a personal touch, offering a close and pleasant treatment, but rigorous and always respectful with the human and natural environment.

My passion for reading, walking and traveling led me to create my small travel agency. And thanks to the clients and collaborators of Enjoy Catalonia, I can proudly say that I do what I like the most.

You can contact me by email or by phone:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 658643676