DATE: June 3 at 8 a.m.

A spectacular excursion to the Costa Vermella (Côte Vermeille), in the north Catalan region of Rosselló (France), which will allow us to visit the three most beautiful coastal towns in the area: Cotlliure (Colliure), PortVendres (Port-Vendres) and Banyuls de the Marenda (Banyuls sur Mer).

THE VERMELLA COAST (Côte Vermeille / Vermeille Coast)
From the village of Cervère to the north of Argeles-sur-Mer, the reddish mountainous foothills burst into the sea and form the Côte Vermeille (Cöte Vermeille), a beautiful coastal strip full of coves, picturesque villages, terraced vineyards , old forts and lots of history. It was not until 1659, with the Treaty of the Pyrenees, that these lands became part of France. Hence, although listening to Catalan is increasingly difficult, the feeling of being Catalan is still very much alive.

The most picturesque and most visited town on this little piece of coast is a charming town with colorful houses, a spectacular medieval castle (it was the residence of the kings of Mallorca), a beautiful beach, narrow streets, a port with very colorful wooden boats and endless art galleries. And it is that Cotlliure, the cradle of Fauvism, has been welcoming painters attracted by the light and beauty of the town for more than a century. Matisse, Derain, Hanicotte and other great artists were seduced by the light and picturesqueness of the town. In addition, the poet Antonio Machado and the novelist Patrick O’Brian rest forever in Cotlliure.

Portvendres is probably, after Cotlliure, the most beautiful town on the Costa Vermella. Discovered by the Greeks, called Portus Veneris –port of Venus– by the Romans, one of the most important ports in the kingdom of Majorca in the 13th century, a strategic French commercial port due to its relationship with Africa in the 19th century… It is clear that the nickname “port of history” is not accidental.

The hometown and homeland of the great sculptor Arístide Maillol is a charming town surrounded by mountains covered with vines. Among its attractions, the aquarium and the Mediterranean garden of Mas de la Serre stand out. In addition, a few kilometers from Banyuls we find the Bay of Paulilles, one of the most beautiful corners of the coast.

– 8h: We meet at Plaça Universitat (at the main entrance of the University of Barcelona) to catch our private bus. We stopped for breakfast on the way.
– 10.30-12h: Arrival in Cotlliure and guided tour
– 12-12.30h: Bus to Banyuls de la Marenda
– 12.30-13.30h: Guided visit
– 13.30-15.30h: Free time to eat
– 15.30-16h: Bus to Portvendres
– 16-17.30h: Guided tour and some free time
– 17.30h: Return bus, arriving in Barcelona around 8:00 p.m.

Languages: Spanish and Catalan (if someone needs additional explanations in English there is no problem)

DATE: June 3, 2023


DEPARTURE PLACE Plaça Universitat (main entrance of the University of Barcelona)
DAY AND HOUR Saturday, June 3, at 8 a.m.
Transportation by private coach

Official accompanying guide from Barcelona

Guided walks in Cotlliure, Banyuls and Portvendres









Breakfast and lunch

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