DATE: July 23rd at 8am

Beautiful excursion to the northernmost Costa Brava that will allow us to enjoy spectacular views; discover the fascinating history of one of the most important monasteries of Catalonia; stroll through the streets of white houses of El Port de la Selva; discover the small medieval village of La Selva de Mar; and swim in crystal clear waters.


At the top of the Verdera mountain range, stands one of the most interesting and spectacular monumental complexes in Catalonia, a place to discover the medieval world. This space brings together three elements that represent the mainstays of feudal society: those who pray, in the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes; those who produce, in the village of Santa Creu, and those who fight, in the castle of Verdera.

The center of the complex is the monastery of Sant Pere, which became the most important monastery in the county of Empúries both for the relevant role of its abbots and for being an important center of pilgrimage, thanks to the relics it guarded.

Since its foundation, the monastery enjoyed the protection of the counts of Empúries who endowed it with lands and privileges, which made it also become an important feudal lord. Among its domains was Santa Creu de Rodes, a village dedicated mainly to trade and craft production, which served the needs of the monastery. Thanks to the pilgrimages, between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries it enjoyed great prosperity, reaching a population of about 250 inhabitants. But wars, looting and the ravages caused by bad harvests and epidemics, caused the sudden abandonment of Santa Creu.


A natural port sheltered by the mountains, a small fishing village and a refuge for artists and poets that has managed to stay away from mass tourism. The great writer Josep Maria de Sagarra was inspired by the village to write some of his works with a seafaring atmosphere: La Balada de Luard, El Mariner or Cançons de rem i de Vela.

Very close to El Port de la Selva, in the foothills of the Verdera mountain, we find La Selva de Mar, a beautiful municipality of medieval origin that has managed to preserve the tranquility and rural charm.


– 8h: We meet at Plaça Universitat (main entrance of the UB) to take our private bus. Stop for breakfast in Hostalric.
– 10.30-12h: Arrival and guided tour of the Sant Pere de Rodes Monastery
– 12-12.45h: Bus to El Port de la Selva
– 12.45- 13.30h: Guided walk in El Port de la Seva
– 13.30-17.30h: Free time to eat and enjoy the beach in El Port de la Selva
– 17.30-17.45: Bus to La Selva de Mar
– 17.45-18.30h: Guided tour of La Selva de Mar and/or free time for a drink
– 18.30h: Return bus, arriving in Barcelona around 8:30 p.m.

DATE: July 23rd, 2022

LANGUAGES: Spanish and Catalan


MEETING POINT Plaza Universitat (UB main entrance)
DAY AND HOUR Saturday, July 23, at 8 a.m.
Transportation by private coach

Entrance and guided visit to the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes

Guided walk in El Port de la Selva

Official accompanying guide from Barcelona









Breakfast and lunch

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