DATE: November 13th at 8am

A very complete excursion to discover and enjoy the Vall d’en Bas, in the region of La Garrotxa. Throughout the day we will visit four postcard villages: Sant Privat d’en Bas, Els Hostalets d’en Bas, El Mallol and Sant Esteve d’en Bas; we will walk through the center of Olot, the regional capital; and we will enjoy a pleasant walk through the Montsacopa, the great “urban” volcano of Olot.


The Vall d’en Bas forms a geographical and scenic unit of the first order. Mountain ranges, ridges and crags such as Cabrera dels Llancers, Freixaneda or Puigsacalm surround meadows and forests of beech, holm oak and oak until reaching the plain of Bas, a plain that has one of the most fertile soils in Catalonia, full of streams and brooks that flow through the plain pouring their waters into the Fluvià river.

But the Vall d’en Bas is also history and has been a land of remences. The municipality still preserves the farmhouse where the peasant leader Francesc de Verntallat was born. And in remembrance of the remença movement, every year the Terra de Remences cycling tour is organized, the most popular in Catalonia.

In addition, the Vall d’en Bas has two villages catalogued as historical-artistic sites: the Villa del Mallol, located on a hill and which was for centuries the administrative capital of the viscounty of Bas, and the village of Hostalets d’en Bas, which has its origin in some inns located at the foot of the old royal road that went from Olot to Vic.


Olot, the capital of La Garrotxa, is mostly known for its volcanic environment. But it is often forgotten that the city
rich natural, cultural, gastronomic and architectural heritage, with many modernist and renaissance buildings.
modernist and renaissance airs. Many are the delights of Olot, a city that combines tradition and modernity.

The Montsacopa volcano, located in the center of the city is the icon of Olot with a circular crater at the top from where you can enjoy the best 360º panoramic views of the city.
enjoy the best 360 ° panoramic views of the city and the region. And at the top of this volcano are the two watchtowers and the church of Olot.
watchtowers and the church of Sant Francesc.


– 8h: We will meet at Plaza Universitat to take our private bus.

– 10-11h: Arrival at Hostalets d’en Bas, breakfast and visit to the town

– 11.15-12h: Visit Sant Esteve d’en Bas

– 12.15-13h: Visit El Mallol

– 13.15-14h: Visit Sant Privat d’en Bas

– 14-14,30h: Bus to Olot

– 14.30-16h: Free time to eat

– 16-18h: Circular guided tour of the center and the Montsacopa volcano

– 18: Return bus, arriving in Barcelona around 8:00 p.m.

LANGUAGES: Catalan and Spanish.

If the weather forecast is bad or the situation generated by the Covid19 prevents us, the excursion will be postponed.

DATE: November 13, 2021


DEPARTURE PLACE Plaça Universitat (main entrance of the University of Barcelona)
DAY AND HOUR Saturday, November 13, at 8 a.m.
Private bus + transport insurance
Official accompanying guide + guided tours






Breakfast and lunch

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