DATE: February 13 at 1 pm

The Turó de la Rovira, also known as Montaña Pelada or Puig Aguilar, is the center of the small neighborhood of Can Baró, a disorderly group of houses and large blocks of humble dwellings built in the 50’s and 60’s, which included several settlements of shacks. The main attraction of the neighborhood are the remains of the anti-aircraft battery built by the government of the Republic during the Civil War, a rehabilitated and museumized space from where we can enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the city.

El Carmelo, articulated around a sanctuary built in the mid-nineteenth century, began to be urbanized at the end of the last century with small and modest summer cottages and orchards. But it is with the massive arrival of immigration from the rest of Spain that the neighborhood acquired its current appearance: a very dense group of blocks of apartments built on steep, untidy streets.



DEPARTURE PLACE Plaça de la Font Castellana
DAY AND HOUR Saturday, February 13, 2021. 1 pm to 3 pm
HOW TO FIND US Plaza de la Font Castellana
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